Welcome to our community. We hope you will find spiritual nourishment with us. 

First United Methodist Church is in the Great Plains Conference of the United Methodist Church. We have deep historical roots and a willingness to open ourselves to the issues of the contemporary world. As United Methodists, we look to scripture, tradition, reason, and experience as authority for our faith and worship. These provide a framework for understanding ourselves and the way we are to live in relationship with God and one another. Our life of worship is centered in both Word and Eucharist, and we encourage you to join us in receiving the Holy Communion. We are a community of faith  dedicated to service, supporting with time, effort, and prayers the ministries of First Church, and faithful stewards of the bounty and substance that God has given us. 

Becoming a Member
We hope you will want to become a member of First Church.
You may be someone who:
*seeks Holy Baptism
*is not a United Methodist and desires Confirmation or be received into the United Methodist Church as a professing member
*is new to the community and wishes to transfer your membership
*has a child in our Christian Education program and wishes to know more about the United Methodist Church and our beliefs.
We welcome all who desire membership in the United Methodist Curch. When you are ready to take that step, speak to the pastor to discuss your  questions. The clergy and members of First Church look forward to becoming better acquainted with you and your family. In the meantime, we encourage you to enter into our community as fully as you are able. We look forward to continuing on our journey of faith together.  

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